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You only need two things to succeed

You only need two things to succeed

You only need two things to succeed

It is way easier than we think.

To succeed in life looks difficult, am I right? The bookshops are filled with books on how to succeed: 21 Steps to success, Fifty law of success, 60 days to a better life and thousands more. Think about starting a business, Most people never even get started because they think it’s to hard.

Yes I do agree it’s easier when you have help, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

I think you only need to discover or master two things:

Thing 1

You need to find your EDGE

This means you need to discover what you are meant to be doing, what your talents are or what you can do that few other people are able to do. These are your strengths. This is what makes you special and unique. This is what sets you apart from the rest.

Thing 2

Unstoppable Confidence

Once you know what your EDGE is you have to grow the confidence to be exactly what you were created to be. As you do more of the things you are good at you will become better and better. You will then start to develop unstoppable confidence.

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