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What is Breakthrough Coaching?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated and stuck?

Do you wish you could focus and stop waisting time on things that don’t produce results?

Do you sometimes wish you had a plan or a blueprint to help you succeed?

Do you wish you knew how to motivate or inspire those around you or more importantly, how to motivate your self?

Breakthrough Coaching can help you with all of the above and a lot more!

Bob Nardelli CEO of Home Depot once said “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, will never reach their maximum capabilities”  

For most people Coaching is not even an option. Most can not afford or do not have access to a qualified coaching. It is for this reason we have created and developed the Breakthrough Coaching Membership platform. We have taken Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Leadership or Executive Coaching and made it easily accessible and affordable for anyone who is serious about success.


Personal, business & leadership coach

Affordable Breakthrough Coaching At Your Fingertips

When you become a member you get:

  • Monthly Personal, Business & Leadership E-books
  • Monthly Personal, Business & Leadership Courses
  • Monthly Personal, Business & Leadership Videos
  • Monthly Personal, Business & Leadership Audios
  • Your very own Personal Breakthrough System
  • Your very own Business Growth Breakthrough System
  • Your very own Leadership Development Breakthrough System

What is "The Breakthrough System?"

When you become an Executive Breakthrough Member you will receive all three Breakthrough systems.

Your Personal Breakthrough System is a one year personal development program that will help you understand success and purpose. You will learn how to create a balanced life and learn how to set and achieve your goals, and much, much more…

Your Business Breakthrough System is a one year business growth plan that will help you work smarter on your business rather than in your business. You will learn how to create a practical business plan, a financial growth strategy, a marketing strategy, a sales strategy, and much, much more… 

Your Leadership Breakthrough System is a one year leadership development program that will help you understand the new model of  leadership where leaders Protect, Empower and Influence those they lead. Your will learn how to master the eight competencies of highly sought after leaders. Competencies such as Communication, Commitment, Building Effective Teams, Understanding Motivation and much, much more…

When you become a member these three systems will be like having your very own Life Coach, Business Coach and Leadership or Executive Breakthrough Coach. 

Your greatest investment is when you invest in your own personal development 

Understanding Success
Ingredients to Succeed
Understanding Balance
Focus & Dedication
Keys to Lasting Change
Results Beyond Expectation

What others are saying

We loved your passion for empowering people. Thank you for the time you spent developing our leaders
Alan Chowles
I have never been able to afford a life coach.Your system has helped me achieve way more than I ever thought possible. Thank you.
Sills Trainer
We were about to through in the towel and close down, but your coaching and support helped us succeed. Five years later still going strong.
Board Members
After implemented some of your business growth tips and using the Business Breakthrough System we were able to double our turnover in just three months, I can't wait to see what happens in the next three months.
Carl Schultz
Vodacom Store Owner
I used to think business is difficult but your Business Breakthrough Coaching has helped me start and create a successful restaurant.
Hema Pillay
Restaurant Owner
Your Business Breakthrough coaching has helped me focus and put some systems in place. I now feel confident my business will grow, Thank you
Florist Owner
You have an outstanding ability to work with all types of people and your vision, passion and leadership programs have realy helped us grow.
Steyn Orfao
Thank you for your support in helping me establish our Leadership Development program.
Wilna Griesel
Ekurhuleni East College

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