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Three ingredients for success

Three ingredients for success

There are three ingredients in how to succeed in business and life.

The number 1 ingredient for success: VISION

When I say vision I really mean focused vision. You have to have a clear picture in your mind of what success would look like to you. Remember that success may look different to each one of us. And success may look different in the different areas of your life. Let’s think of your business, if I said to you that your business is 100% successful. You have grown your business to be exactly what you want it to be. (Size, turnover, profits etc.)What would that look like?

Once you have a clear focused vision, you can start the journey of making it happen.

The number 2 ingredient for success: SKILLS

In order for you to make this vision happen you are going to need some skills. In other words you need to know how. The difference between success and failure is as simple as knowing how. Successful people know how to succeed. You will have to learn. Now make a list of things you need to learn in order to make you vision happen and start gathering information on how and where you are going to acquire these skills and start learning.

The number 3 ingredient for success: HELP

No one person has ever achieved success on their own without help. Help refers to your team or any persons that will help you make your vision of success materialize. This could also be a coach or a mentor in the shape of a real live person you meet face to face or someone you learn from through a book, a video, on line or an audio program. I have had so much help from people who’s books I have read and programs I have followed, some are not even around any more.


These three ingredients for success are the same for any area of your life whether its relationships, your health, your career, business or anything you want to do.

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