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5 Key systems to grow your business

5 Key systems to grow your business

In my first podcast episode “The three ingredients for success” I mentioned one ingredient skills. Most businesses fail because they don’t know how to succeed. And if you don’t know something you can learn. 90% of all startup businesses fail within the first 5 years, on the other hand 75% of all franchises succeed. What can we learn from this?

In working with and owning different franchises I have come to understand what makes a successful business.

It’s all about systems

There are “Five Key Systems” you have to have place for you to grow a successful business.

1. Financial Management System

With a financial management system you will at any time know how much money you have in your business and exactly where it is and how much money you need and where you are going to come from. A financial management system will help you forecast with greater accuracy.

2. A Sales and Marketing System

Without a step by step sales and marketing system you will find it very difficult to grow you business.

3. A CRM system

Do you have a system in place where you are able to capture and keep the details of every single customer and potential customer you meet and are you able to contact them should you need to?

4. A Human Resources Management System

Do you have the right people in your team? Are you managing them effectively? Are there strengths complementing each other?

5. Project Management System

Do you have an effective system in place that will help you manage your goals and tasks to make sure you get things done?


For more on the Five Key Systems to grow you business listen to my podcast “Five Key Systems” on Breakthrough with Carl Schultz.

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5 Focus areas for any Business

5 Focus areas for growing a successful business

As business owners we are all working so hard in our businesses that we don’t get much time to work on our business. In this episode I want to share 5 focus areas that every business owner needs to be working on in order to grow a successful business.

1. The type of business

Are you building an informal or a formal business and do you need to register your business?

2. Your market place

Do you understand your marketplace and are you monitoring the changes?

3. Your business plan

Your business plan needs to address the following three questions

  1. What opportunity have you identified?
  2. How are you going to take advantage of this opportunity?
  3. What makes you different from every one else?

4. Your company profile

This is your “CV” for your business

Click here to get your free template.

5. Your brand

Does your brand say what you want it to say?

For more on this don’t forget to listen to my weekly Breakthrough podcast

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You only need two things to succeed

You only need two things to succeed

It is way easier than we think.

To succeed in life looks difficult, am I right? The bookshops are filled with books on how to succeed: 21 Steps to success, Fifty law of success, 60 days to a better life and thousands more. Think about starting a business, Most people never even get started because they think it’s to hard.

Yes I do agree it’s easier when you have help, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

I think you only need to discover or master two things:

Thing 1

You need to find your EDGE

This means you need to discover what you are meant to be doing, what your talents are or what you can do that few other people are able to do. These are your strengths. This is what makes you special and unique. This is what sets you apart from the rest.

Thing 2

Unstoppable Confidence

Once you know what your EDGE is you have to grow the confidence to be exactly what you were created to be. As you do more of the things you are good at you will become better and better. You will then start to develop unstoppable confidence.

Go and Listen to my latest podcast were I discuss this.

Three ingredients for success

There are three ingredients in how to succeed in business and life.

The number 1 ingredient for success: VISION

When I say vision I really mean focused vision. You have to have a clear picture in your mind of what success would look like to you. Remember that success may look different to each one of us. And success may look different in the different areas of your life. Let’s think of your business, if I said to you that your business is 100% successful. You have grown your business to be exactly what you want it to be. (Size, turnover, profits etc.)What would that look like?

Once you have a clear focused vision, you can start the journey of making it happen.

The number 2 ingredient for success: SKILLS

In order for you to make this vision happen you are going to need some skills. In other words you need to know how. The difference between success and failure is as simple as knowing how. Successful people know how to succeed. You will have to learn. Now make a list of things you need to learn in order to make you vision happen and start gathering information on how and where you are going to acquire these skills and start learning.

The number 3 ingredient for success: HELP

No one person has ever achieved success on their own without help. Help refers to your team or any persons that will help you make your vision of success materialize. This could also be a coach or a mentor in the shape of a real live person you meet face to face or someone you learn from through a book, a video, on line or an audio program. I have had so much help from people who’s books I have read and programs I have followed, some are not even around any more.


These three ingredients for success are the same for any area of your life whether its relationships, your health, your career, business or anything you want to do.

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The other 10%

The 10 things successful businesses do.

It is understood that 90% of all startup businesses fail within the first 5 years, what then are the other 10% doing right?  In my study of successful businesses I have identified 10 things successful businesses do.

10 habits of successful business

1. Constantly communicate

These businesses are constantly communicating with the customer and potential customers. They will use questionnaires or assessments to gather information. This helps them remain relevant and focused. Are you communicating with you customers on a regular basis?

2. Future focused

Successful businesses alway plan ahead and have long, medium and short term goals. They are constantly monitoring future trends watching the competition, customer growth and demand. With this information they are able to adapt and change more effectively. Do you have a 5, 10, 15 or a 20 year plan for your business?

3. Focus on results

When playing the game of business you have to have a scoreboard, you have to be able to measure your results, you have to know whether you are making money or not. Do you know what your business scoreboard looks like?

4. Constantly innovating

Successful business is constantly innovating and working on new and complementary products and services. Are you still selling the exact same products and services you started with?

5. They can read the numbers

You don’t have to be an accountant, but you do have to be able to read the numbers. As a business owner you have to have a birds eye view on your business books. You need to know where your money is at all times. This will help you identify potential problems and opportunities and plan better. Do you know where your money is?

6. Develop and implement systems

Successful businesses have systems that help thing run lean and efficient making them more productive and profitable. Most franchises succeed because they have developed and are using systems and processes. Can you be more effective and productive by implementing systems?

7. Sove problems

Successful businesses are not scared of problems intact they welcome problems. Remember that people will pay a lot of money to have there problems solved. Look around you, if you see problems get exited. Most businesses exist because they solve problems for a cost.

8. Positive growth

Successful businesses focus on positive growth. Constantly growing the skills and abilities of leadership and staff. This must result in a growing customer base.

9. Constantly impruving

Successful businesses are constantly looking for ways to do things better.

10. Creating raving fans

We all know that word of mouth is the best way to advertise your business. Successful businesses deliver customer service that not only created loyal customers but also creates raving fans that will promote the business and bring more customers

If you can create these 10 habits in your business you will become one of the 10% that succeed.

For more on this listen to my latest podcast.

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When starting a business

Things to know before starting a business

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. – Sven-Goran Eriksson

There are many people who want to become entrepreneurs and there are as many reasons why they want to become entrepreneurs. For some, they are tired of being employees, for others it’s the only choice in this economy of downsizing.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to become an entrepreneur, here are three things you really want to know before you stake all that you have on that business idea that is currently swimming in the brain.

  1. Do not take a Business Plan for granted,

Undeniably there are a good number of businesses that have been successful without a written business plan, but trust me, those entrepreneurs had a business plan, just that it was now written down on paper, yet they did have a plan. Do not settle for a ‘head’ business plan, your chances of success is greater if you have a well written business plan, that clearly states what you intent to achieve, how you will achieve it and what resources you will need to get it done. Don’t go writing that business plan just because you want a loan from the bank or some investor, the plan is for you, for your success, it is your guide to getting things down right.

  1. Do not hire friends!

It is really tempting to hire friends. They may share your vision for the business and genuinely want your business to succeed. But ‘wanting’ is a whole different from reality. Friends take too many liberties – they come in late, and you cannot be hard on them, they go beyond ‘reasonable’ use of the company phone for personal calls and you cannot bill them, they mix business meeting time with time to catch up on friends’ conversation and so on. They may not intentionally want to run your business down but the liberties they take because they are friends could kill your business.

  1. Do not be afraid to get things wrong

We all have fears, when it comes to starting a business it is normal to have fears, we all fear the unknown. Even if we have been successful in the past, it is no guarantee that we will be successful at this new business, thus it is natural to have butterflies. But as the old saying goes ‘we can only know the results by trying it out’ , so do not let fear of the unknown stop you, just remember even if you fail you can get up and try again…Edison did it a thousand times before he finally got the light bulb to work…so you get the point.

Better Business Plan

Better Business Plan

Do I really need a Business Plan

Well that depend.

Do you want to succeed?

If yes, then yes you definitely do need a business plan.

A business plan is an essential document for anyone starting a new  business,  already  in  business  and   critical  for  anyone  seeking funding.

There are two kinds of business planes a comprehensive or detailed plan and a dehydrated or practical plan.

Click on this link to download some guidelines when writing a detailed business plan.

I would like to focus more on the dehydrated or practical business plan or your working document.

Your working document or practical business plan

This plan will answer the following three questions:

  1. What opportunity have you identified?
  2. Your plan to exploit this opportunity?
  3. What makes you so confident that your business will succeed?

The following eight steps will help you develop this practical working document.

Step 1.

Vision for your business

Step 2.

Set goals and objectives for your business

Step 3.

Define your unique selling preposition (USP)

Step 4.

Know your market

Step 5.

Know your customer

Step 6.

Know the demand for your product

Step 7.

Set measurable marketing goals

Step 8.

Your action plan.

Successful Business Planning

The Secrets Behind Developing A Successful Business Plan.

Your  business   plan   should   prove  that   your   business   will   generate enough  revenue to  cover expenses and  make  satisfactory profits. Your business plan should also hold you accountable and motivate you to keep growing.

Please go and listen to my latest podcast for details on creating a practical working business plan.

Living life on purpose

Living on purpose and with purpose

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” ~ William


Are you the one who controls your life or is your life controlling you?

Which road should you take?

Do you know which path will lead you to where you really want to be?

Creating and shaping your own destiny is one of the many things that only  a  handful  can  successfully do,  while  most  end  up aimlessly    cruising    through    life,    hoping    that    one    day,    their predetermined fate will step in and lady luck will shine on their lives.

If you want to live with purpose, the first thing that you have to know and remember, more than anyone or anything else only you who  have  the  power  to  create  the  destiny that  you have defined.   It   is   you   who   have   the   ability   to   prepare   for   the opportunities that are bound to come your way. It is you who make things happen. You do not just put your trust on fate. Creating your own path and destiny is actually all up to you. That is the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind if you really want to live a life with purpose.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out

your purpose, and to do it fearlessly.” ~ Steve Maraboli


However, before you actually make all of your dreams come true, it is important that you figure out what you really want your life  to  look like.  What  are  the  things  that  you can  do  to  get  there, wherever “there” might be?

What You Want

In  reality, most  people want  all  of  the  best  things  in  life,  but  more often than not, they do nothing  to get started with their life’s  journey. Simply put, many people are stuck behind their lives’  wheels,  unmoving,  and   worse,  there  are  some  who   just   sit comfortably in the back seat as they let another person navigate their own lives.

You are the one who makes your own life, not anybody else, and for you to determine what it will look like in the future, you should start with today, it is in the present that you would really be able to set what your life would be like 20 or even 50 years from now.

So, how should you get started?