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Leadership Breakthrough

Breakthrough for executives is focused on the 8 competencies of leadership, combined with your own unique strengths and style or what we call your Leadership EDGE. We start by doing a comprehensive 8 point leadership assessment and the 6 point personal assessment. The outcome will help u design and facilitate your 12 month Executive Breakthrough process.

Business Breakthrough

Business coaching with a difference. In this system, we take a closer look at your business and you do an in-depth 10 point assessment to measure the health of your business. Based on this you will customise a breakthrough coaching program with specific set outcomes. This would typically be a 12-month Business Breakthrough process.

Personal Breakthrough

This coaching process is for the individual who wants to succeed and will help you identify the ingredients for a successful life. We start with a very focused 6 point assessment based on your life and your unique circumstances. This leads to a very focused 12-month Personal Breakthrough coaching program that promises to deliver every time.

Thank you, I have grown so much and my confidence and the way I communicate has gone from amateur to professional.

Speech Craft

Thank you, my team is motivated. Our customer service has gone through the roof. You have made it seem so easy.

Restaurant Owner

Your "Change your story" workshop was great. This has changed the way I think, I am so inspired. Thank you.

Sales Team

Your "Fundamentals of Sales" course has really helped our sales team. We now have a strategy and a plan.

Sales Team

It's been 8 months and we have doubled our turnover twice, thank you

Franchise Owner

Success Made Easy Blog

Success is closer than you think- "It's in your heart and on your lips"

5 Key systems to grow your business

5 Key systems to grow your business In my first podcast episode “The three ingredients for success” I mentioned one ingredient skills. Most businesses fail because they don’t know how to succeed. And if you don’t know something you can learn. 90% of all startup businesses fail within the first 5 years, on the other hand 75% […]

5 Focus areas for any Business

5 Focus areas for growing a successful business As business owners we are all working so hard in our businesses that we don’t get much time to work on our business. In this episode I want to share 5 focus areas that every business owner needs to be working on in order to grow a […]

You only need two things to succeed

You only need two things to succeed It is way easier than we think. To succeed in life looks difficult, am I right? The bookshops are filled with books on how to succeed: 21 Steps to success, Fifty law of success, 60 days to a better life and thousands more. Think about starting a business, Most […]